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Tel: +44 (0)20 8881 2288

Studio Manager: Biba Leach

The Cowshed Recording Studio

With three air conditioned recording areas, a wealth of classic and contemporary equipment and a client list of renowned artists, The Cowshed Recording Studio is one of London's finest recording spaces.

Established by producer Joe Leach to specialise in live band recording and post production, the Cowshed is the number one choice for musical genres from jazz, blues and pop to punk rock and world

Our recording philosophy begins with the unique and atmospheric live area - think of it as a living room with great acoustics, classic instruments, hi-spec mics and headphones and the very best in behind-the-scenes technology - set and ready to capture your creativity in full flow. Add to this our no-nonsense analog engineering approach and you have the perfect environment in which to achieve the ultimate goal - capturing magic on tape.

  • "Really enjoyed the time here, felt more relaxed eventually, than I'd expected and felt I'd learnt more about being in a studio setting"

    -Celina Bain

  • "The collection of vintage equipment and Mr Leach's skill and sensitivity contribute immeasurably to the achievement of what every mature recording artist wants - a signature sound."

    -Darius Brubeck

  • "An incredible musical instinct...stunning production and understanding of the job Joe!"

    -Dan Mills

  • "For any bands out there who want a great recording, Cowshed is great and well worth every reasonably priced penny - my old band recorded there and this one will be back."

    -Greg Allen

  • "We've got a bit of a lump of poo on a stick Joe can you turn it into something fabulous"


  • "Loved your studio, loved the old Ludwig kit, loved the way you record. You're bloody good at it AND you have Rooibos tea bags!!! Amazing."

    -Mick Clews

  • "Wicked studio!"

    -Tom Skinner

  • "For me as a singer and producer this studio cannot be beaten - best sound, best atmosphere, best engineer"

    -Ian Shaw

  • "I have been lucky enough to record in Abbey Rd, Metropolis and other well respected studios both in London and abroad but the best results I have experienced have come from this studio"

    -Marcus Bonfanti

  • "I could be so effusive it would put people off"

    -Richard Chapman

  • "Amazingly good, fantasticly efficient and overwhelmingly nice and helpful. Thanks."

    -All Enquiries Production

  • "The sound of our album has been described as 'epic' and that has gotta be in large part due to the vintage analog signal-path at Cowshed. It's like ****ing Aladdin's cave!"

    -Nick Of Time

  • "I was cosy and well looked after- great atmosphere"

    -Edward Mirza

  • "The Cowshed has a unique "ingredient X" that translates into fantastic recordings that are more than the sum of their parts"

    -Greg Johnson

  • "Of all the studios I have worked in, including Abbey Rd, none have been as enjoyable place to work or yielded the results that I have got from The Cowshed"

    -Glen Rayner

  • "There is nowhere else to capture our music better... Joe Leach is really one of the great engineers"

    -Paul Jones

  • "The Cowshed is my favourite independent studio by a long way, and I'm not alone by a long shot. It's affordable without a loss of quality and service"

    -John Calvert

  • "We always seem to get our work done here"

    -Crispin Gray

  • "That's the best recording of my guitar I've ever heard... absolutely unbelievable"

    -Carl Orr

  • "It's the drum sound I have dreamt for years and years"

    -Daisy Palmer

  • "I'm so glad I decided to go to tape, that thing sounds absolutely magic"

    -Nick Trepka

  • "The Cowshed is a place that screams creativity, has a great vibe and is a very comfortable space to work in"

    -Johnny Ashby

  • "Your studio is just the kind of alternative I'd always hoped we'd find compared to cold-ass stuffy studios you usually bump into"

    -Christian McLaughlin

  • "Your studio sounds top notch from dub to rock and everything in between"

    -Richie Stevens